Dream Team


The Dream Team consists of Morgan Dwiggins, hair wizard, Megan Gad, make-up prodigy, and Sandy Gutierrez, photography phenomenon.  


The three of us have fused together because of our obsession for high-end editorial fashion photos. We inspire and fuel one another with our supreme creativity, originality and talent.  Each person is unrivaled in their specialty, especially when the team is unified. Through experience, we have learned we do our best work when we work together.   


Morgan Dwiggins has been in the industry since 2007.  As soon as she graduated Cosmetology school, she started working for a salon in West County in St. Louis and instantly dove into doing hair for photoshoots.  Currently, Morgan is an independent stylist at Lather Hair Lounge in Kirkwood, Mo.  Being her own "boss" was always a goal for her.  She worked at Kink Hair Salon, in Clayton, Missouri, known for winning Best Hair Salon in St. Louis by Alive Magizine, 3 years in a row.   Owner, Joshua Nichols, of Kink and Notch (an upscale barber shop in the Grove in St. Louis) is a major inspiration.  He is an expert in the hair industry and a natural born leader.  Kink has fast-forward hair fashion trends, continuous education, a hip, and a comfortable environment where everyone is welcome.  During her time at Kink, Morgan worked doing hair for St. Louis Fashion Week for years, was published in an international magazine, local magazines and worked with super talented local designers and businesses.  


“I love hair and feel incredibly blessed that I’ve found a career that resonates with me so perfectly. As a stylist I get to express my creativity in hair designs, get the opportunity to connect with so many outstanding people and get to create stunning work daily.”  -Morgan Dwiggins



Megan Gad works at Illusions Color Spa in St. Louis.  Morgan and Megan met while both working for Kink Hair Salon.  She's an amazingly talented hairstylist who specializes in color.  


Sandy Gutierrez Photography is an award winning, fashion, editorial, and portrait photographer. Gutierrez has been working in the fashion photography business for 3 years, and continue to make her mark in the St. Louis Fashion world. She has worked with several local and international fashion designer. Gutierrez's work has been featured in several international fashion publications, local magazines, and has also been featured in several social media advertisements. Guiterrez explains that her inspiration to continue working as a fashion photographer is being able to connect with so many people and working as a team to create a piece of art.