A premier hair care product line dedicated to donating a portion of the proceeds.

Elizabeth & Francis is a premier hair care product line that is non-toxic, for all hair types with special consideration of those battling cancer.  A portion of the proceeds will go to Pancreatic Cancer clinical trial research to help find a cure.  Pancreatic Cancer needs more than just awareness. It needs a cure! 

Morgan's Mom, Chrystle, was diagnosed September 23rd, 2015 with Stage IV Pancreatic Cancer.  She was told she had only 2-5 months to live.  Morgan's world, along with her family's, was shattered.  In that moment, everything changed.

As a hairstylist for ten years, she decided she wanted to do something to help her Mom and others who battle the disease.  Learning that the survival rate for 5 years for her Mom's diagnosis is only 3%, she decided she could do more.  While shaving her Moms hair during the first few chemotherapy treatments, she had a vision of a hair care product line that would donate a portion of the proceeds to help aid in finding a cure.

Jonathan, Morgan's husband, knew Pancreatic Cancer all too well.  His Uncle Bud passed away from it.  When Morgan's Mom was diagnosed, he knew what kind of a monster of a disease they were dealing with.  Jonathan was completely on board and has accompanied Morgan in turning her dream into reality every step of the way.

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