I'm Having Shoulder Surgery! Ahhhh!

Updated: Feb 21, 2019

A hairstylists' worst nightmare!

T minus 14 Days until surgery!


I wanted to create a way to be able to communicate with friends and family and keep them updated on my journey of recovery. I'm going miss all of my guests at the salon! Most have become friends, friends whom I look forward to seeing and sharing my life and theirs with me. At the end of every guests appointment, I am filled with a sense of sadness knowing I won't see them for possibly a half of a year! You heard right. My recovery will take at least 4 months, and hopefully at most 6 months. Ahhhh!

The Runaway Golf Cart (well, kinda)


It all happened on May 20th of 2015. My sister, Megan, and I were on a golf cart (that's governor was broken, which regulates the speed of the golf cart) while someone else was driving. It was my Bachelorette party of which was pretty chill and going extremely well until a friend of a friend asked to drive the golf cart. We were stopped at the top of a giant hill on a gravel road. My sister had told the driver to be sure to brake on the way down and give it gas at the end of the hill to get up the next hill. She didn't listen and instead put on the gas. We almost instantly fishtailed and flew off a 25-30ish foot ravine, hit a massive tree and landed in a creek. It almost sounds funny, us getting into a golf cart accident. Seems so harmless. This wasn't. I thought we were all dead when I came to from being knocked unconscious. My sister had a giant hematoma on her forehead and was in extreme pain. The driver was unconscious face down in the creek and had landed in the opposite direction of where the cart had landed. I was in extreme pain as well, my head, neck, and back. And my shoulder was completely out of whack. I couldn't lift my right shoulder at all and was lopsided.

The driver of the cart was completely fine. My sister and I on the other hand spent the night in the Emergency Room. I was terrified. Especially for my sister. She is a little over a year younger than I am and she is my best friend, along with my Mom. I was so scared that there was permanent damage to her head. Scared they would have to operate on her. They allowed us to share a room, thankfully! We both were definitely in shock.

Relief washed over us when imaging results came back that surgery wasn't required for our head injuries and for us to follow up with our regular doctors, etc. My poor sis ended up having a giant black eye for my wedding, which I didn't care, as long as she was ok! It took a long time for her to heal. And she really isn't completely back to normal as she still has neck/back problems. She did quite a bit of chiropractic therapy and most of her body went through the bruising process!

As for me, well, my injuries weren't so visible, except my shoulder but there was a lot that happened. I received a severe concussion of which I still battle Post Concussion Syndrome. I've had to see several neurologists. I have PTSD as a result of thinking we all were dead or were going to die. And just the sheer thought that something could have happened to my sissy. I still have a very difficult time riding with anyone in a vehicle. I don't like not being in control. Loud noises will set me off. Or if I someone scares me. It's not funny to me as I revert back to the feeling of the accident and become extremely frightened. I've had a lot of therapy sessions.

I also have struggled with my shoulder for the entire time since the accident. Sometimes have been better and I would feel like I was making progress. Unfortunately, with my job I am constantly using my shoulder. So all the 5 months of Physical Therapy have helped somewhat but due to my occupation, I was never able to make it better without having surgery. I have had cortisone shots, one put into my rotator cuff and another put into my bicep tendon. I've had multiple x-rays, MRI's and CT scans. I have a torn labrum and my muscle under my shoulder is stretched out so I will have to have it tucked. The orthopedic surgeon calls it a "floating shoulder". It pops in and out of socket and is debilitatingly painful. I now have to take pain pills to sleep and even then still find it difficult.

After Surgery


Once I have the surgery, it seems I will have to keep my arm completely immobile for at least 6 weeks while the labrum grows back to the bone. That kinda makes me want to throw up. Eeek! Then I will start rigorous Physical Therapy to stretch out the muscle under my shoulder. Sounds like this will be painful. I would like to be able to just skip ahead to being healthy and happy and back to work!

Check back for more updates! I do want to give my husband a shout out as he will be doing the majority of taking care of me during my recovery. I'm so blessed for such a nurturing husband with a compassionate heart. Thanks babe for always being by my side! And to my Mom who will be having a major doctors appointment the day after my surgery. My sister, Megan, bless her heart, is coming from Wisconsin to be there for her during that time. My Mom has also offered to be with me the first few weeks to help me even as she battles cancer. She's my superhero and a legit badass! It really does take a village folks! Couldn't be more thankful for the people who matter most to me!

A few words of advice: Be careful on a golf cart, or any type of motorized vehicle! It takes just one instance to turn your life upside down. And if you are ever uncomfortable with someone behind the wheel, speak up! I would much rather hurt someones feelings than every feeling like my life is in jeopardy. And just keep pushing forward. As my Mom says "This too shall pass."

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