Morning Coffee and Product Talk

This is what sits in my personal shower!

Do you think what hair products you are using are important for the look and feel of your hair? They absolutely are! Do you have hair that frizzes out? There's a product for that. Does your hair lack volume? There's a product for that. Do you lack texture and need something that won't weigh your hair down? Guess what? There's a product for that!

I carry Kevin Murphy products because I have worked with them for five years now. I have tried tons of different lines and Kevin Murphy has been superior. Their products do what they say they will do and at a great price point! The shampoos and conditioners are super concentrated so a little bit goes a long way! A little tip: when you use the shampoo, use a small amount. Rub it into your roots and then wet your hair again. It will lather right up!

As for buying professional products online from places such as amazon or ebay, don't! A good portion of the time these are third-party unauthorized sellers. There are products being sold that are two or more years old for a discounted price and many times the actual product inside the bottle has been altered or diluted. I've had clients who have bought online and brought me the product to see it because something was different. The consistency has been completely altered (runny) and the smell is different.

I am stocking more travel sized products which is a great way to try something out without committing to a full sized one! And they are great for travel!!!

I want you to look your best, so when I suggest a product, it's because I know it will help create the look you are going for! I can only guarantee my color work if you use the products I suggest. There are many out there that will strip your color, even if it says "color safe".

Next time you are in, let's talk more about what products will help you achieve your dream hair goals!


Your stylist and friend,

Morgan Dwiggins

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