Recovering from Shoulder Surgery

Prepped for surgery, before drugs and nerve block

Surgery was something I could not wait to happen! I had been in so much pain leading up to it. I had shortened my work days by half so I could make it to my surgery date, and almost made it but had to cancel all my appointments the last day of work.

I was scared but hopeful! I was supposed to be off work for 4 to 6 months but once my surgeon went in, he realized he could do less to help me, allowing me hopefully for a much quicker recovery!

Here is the video of me after they gave me some drugs and did the nerve block. I don't remember this at all, lol!

After surgery, I was told that that my recovery will be less time! I am really hoping so! As of right now I can't lift my arm much. And I am in a lot of pain. I couldn't imagine how much more pain I would have went through had the surgeon had to of done all that he expected! Still though, I don't wish this on anyone! Waking up from the nerve block wearing off was excruciating! My husband was such a trooper though, helping me through every step of it.

Cyrus loving me up!

My husband, Mom and my sister have all helped me post surgery. It's definitely taken a village! I feel so thankful! And thankful for all the messages, cards, calls, etc that I've received! It's meant so much to me! Thank you all!

Next I am sharing pictures of the incisions from my surgery. If you are faint of heart, don't keep scrolling.

To all my guests at the salon, I have an appointment on Wednesday with my surgeon. I am hoping to have a better idea then as to when I can get back to work. BUT, it should be a lot faster than expected before surgery!

Until then, I will be resting up! If you have any book, tv show, movie or podcast suggestions, send them my way! :)

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