Wedding and Special Occasion Hair


Bride:  $110

Trial:    $95

Special Occasion Hair (not including brides):  $95

Add Clip-in Extensions:  $50

If you would like Tape-in Extensions before your special occasion, I offer free consultations!  They would need to be placed before the day of your special occasion.

Want me to come to you?  

On-site travel within 30 miles of my studio:  $50 traveling fee per stylist

*any parking fees need to be paid by the client, not the stylist.

*Minimum 5 clients to be eligible for me or anyone I work with to travel to on-site location.


Destination Wedding?  YES!

Fees are my price for hair, 5 person minimum, and all travel fees and accomodation fees.

I always arrive the day before the event (as early as possible in case of any flight issues) and then stay the night of the special occasion. Should I choose to extend the trip or stay a few days for vacation, that’s on my dime. You would also be responsible for a few of my meals, hotel accomodations, my rental cars, cab fees, airport parking fees etc.  I will provide you with the receipt of my flight for you to pay in full before my travel.